Please allow 1-2 business days for shipment of our SELECT tape; 5-7 business days for shipment of our in-house custom dyed tape: (Classic, Heavyweight, Premium Organic) as we build each custom order to reduce waste.

Why Cloth Handlebar Tape?

Touchpoints (Definition: any point of contact between a buyer and a seller) are under rated. Most bikes roll out of a shop with tape that at best will last a year, feels like a trip to the gym, and looks rough after a few rides.

“Cloth bar tape has always been different: it lasts longer, looks nicer, feels better and in the case of Green Grips cloth tape, it wraps better.”

Green Grips Differentiates

Most cloth tapes (all of them, actually, except Green Grips) use a wide, super tacky adhesive on the back of the tape. The Green Grips adhesive is narrow, less tacky, and easier to get a perfect wrap with. The tape is softer and more flexible too, also making wrapping easier.

At Gravel & Grind, we often put gel under the tape to provide a classic look with a bit of cushion. It’s not squishy, and it doesn’t look all bulky, it looks fine and feels great. We then finish the tape with a twine whip. We then either leave the tape raw (the colors are great, and fade nicely, as all natural things do, when exposed to sunlight) or cover it in two coats of shellac. That still leaves a bit of texture while helping protect the tape from dirt and scuffs.

"The yellow tape, for the record, turns a gorgeous gold color with two coats of amber shellac.” -James Johnson, Gravel & Grind Owner

Why You Should Stock Your Shop with Green Grips

When we first started selling Green Grips, I thought we’d only sell a few colors, but I ordered all of them in. We actually end up selling all of the colors pretty much equally, except yellow, brown, grey and black, which we sell 2:1 over the other colors. Turn over is good, especially for an esoteric product, so that’s always rad.

The yellow tape, for the record, turns a gorgeous gold color with two coats of amber shellac.

-James Johnson, Co-Founder & Owner of Gravel & Grind

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Cocoa Brown wrapped on bars from Gravel & Grind.

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Natural with Green Grips Wooden Cork Bar Ends on bars from Gravel & Grind.

About Gravel & Grind

Gravel & Grind is a bike shop with an artisan coffee shop located in historic downtown Frederick, MD. Their shop specializes in durable, beautiful bicycles for touring, camping, town riding, commuting, old school mountain biking and whatevering. Their full service shop builds new bikes from scratch, and refurbishes classic steel bikes to make them more usable.

Gravel & Grind carries the full-line of Green Green Eco-Friendly tapes. To learn more visit

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